The adventures of a homeschooling family

Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sometimes, when we are around our kids all the time, we don't really notice them growing and changing. Today Adam put on his 10th Doctor overcoat that I made for his 4th birthday. Alas, the sleeves are too short. His custom Fez doesn't fit on his head. His blue suit was donated months ago and his high top converse are a reminder of his smaller self. 
I know he is still tiny compared to other boys his age, but he is growing, slowly. 
Now that he has a Tardis, I think his wardrobe needs some updating. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day!

Today is the last day of school!

Sarah and Laura really buckled down and finished science and math earlier this week. That just leaves spelling and writing for Sarah over the summer, which is good to keep up anyway.

Emma has been working hard on math, but it's harder to do 4 lessons a day when the lessons are longer and the work is harder. Even so, she has been doing great, and understanding the work, which is what's important. Science is still the bane of her school life. 

Annie has been cranking out algebra 2, and is now caught up. She has been doing so much Spanish that she sometimes answers us in Spanish! She has been reading British Literature like crazy, and rewriting her Jane Eyre paper because it's not to her liking. 

Even though they all have something to work on over the summer, I am so proud of them all. They have all put in a lot of time and effort this year. They have had some wonderful projects, some total duds and some work they just had to slog through. 

Sarah and Laura were so excited today that they got up early, put up streamers and made pancakes! Hooray for the relaxed life of summer!

Emma also managed to finish all of her Junior journeys for Girl Scouts, which should get her the Summit award. Additionally, she earned her Bronze award for service. 

Sarah was able to complete her second Brownie journey, and in the last 3 weeks earned activity/skill/legacy badges for: snacks, senses, hiking, Girl Scout way, pets, dancing, My Best Day and I think one more. She did so much work and learned so much these last 5 months in Brownies.

Laura earned most of her Daisy petals. She is excited to bridge up to Brownies and is already planning her badges.

Tonight, they will all three bridge up to the next level. Emma will be a Cadette, Sarah will be a Junior and Laura will be a Brownie. There are big changes for them next year. Emma and Sarah will have a new leader, who says she will definitely consider kayaking!!! Laura knows about all the badges available and wants to get started right away. 

Onward to summer adventures!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Giants game

Last week we were able to go to our first Giants game as a family. 

Not only was it amazing to actually be there, together, they won, and beat LA!