The adventures of a homeschooling family

Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pear Fair

Earlier this summer, we headed out on a leisurely drive. While we were out and about, we saw that there was to be a Pear Fair the next weekend, one day only. Well, who can pass up pears!

In addition to pears, there were bouncy houses, rock wall climbing, water slides and these cool things.

Sarah, Laura, Emma and Annie each had a turn, while Adam went in the bouncy houses. 
True to our nerdy selves, in addition to buying a big bag of pears and a pear pie, we also bought a big bag of books from the Friends of the Library booth. 

It's definitely on the list of things to do again. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

This super hot week

So this week, the forecast was for heat, heat and more heat. 

Laura and Adam began Monday with crazy dress up.

It was off to Rubio's for lunch. 
They insisted on eating outside, but it worked out. 
We dropped Annie and Emma off at their music school to help with redecorating. The younger 3 kids and I went to the park, but it was super hot. So we headed to the batting cages instead. That was also hot, but very satisfying to smack the ball.
Tuesday we headed to the Children's Museum. The favorite spots ended up being the store, the dress up spot and the painting area. 
Laura liked being a doctor. She also manned the cash register at the store.
Once Adam discovered this particular set, he didn't want to take it off.
After the museum, we headed to baseball practice, which was just discussing the word of the week, which was health. Because of the heat index, there was no actual practicing. Then we headed to Chili's. 
Wednesday we have no pictures of. We retreated to the air-conditioned goodness of the mall. We wandered, had some See's samples, bought some fan t-shirts, then saw Cinderella. It was surprisingly better than I expected. 

Thursday we headed to Six Flags. Sarah and Emma earned free tickets, so at least  there was that. Annie and Emma headed off alone to ride the big coasters. Sarah and Laura went on this deceptive ride as their first ride alone. It seemed like a simple kid ride, but whoa, it was spinny!!
Then they went on this teacup ride. Then Sarah went again. And then they were dizzy and needed to rest for a while. 
Adam went and played at the big playground, and Sarah found her favorite animal of all. 
Emma is a fan of pretty much all animals. 
We finally found a ride the whole family could go on, a water ride! We went three times, took a bathroom break, then went a couple more times. Ride success!
The downside to the water ride? Soaked shoes and soggy jeans. The older two thought maybe they would dry off on big coasters. Howard took the middle two on a mid size coaster. I took Adam to finish the Adam size rides.

We left Six Flags, took off our wet shoes, and drove to Mary's Pizza Shack. No one wanted to put on their shoes to go in, but it was worth it. For half the price of the mediocre lunch we had at the park, we had a delicious dinner made fresh. It redeemed our food day, that's for sure. 

Today, Friday, we just hung out. Emma and Laura were too wiped out to go to swim practice. We did get two new air pistols, and and spent some time shooting cans in the backyard. We also bought strawberries, blackberries and cucumbers from a farm stand, and of course, fireworks. Resting up for a long day of doing nothing but swim, shoot and setting off fireworks. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Sometimes, when we are around our kids all the time, we don't really notice them growing and changing. Today Adam put on his 10th Doctor overcoat that I made for his 4th birthday. Alas, the sleeves are too short. His custom Fez doesn't fit on his head. His blue suit was donated months ago and his high top converse are a reminder of his smaller self. 
I know he is still tiny compared to other boys his age, but he is growing, slowly. 
Now that he has a Tardis, I think his wardrobe needs some updating.