The adventures of a homeschooling family

Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas

We went to the movies as a family. I think to see Big Hero Six and there was an elf cut-out.  The kids looked adorable so I couldn't resist.

This year we decided to upgrade from our 3 foot tree.  Emma was quite helpful with fluffing the branches.

Add in garlands, snowflakes, stockings and white paper chains and our decorations were complete.


Our dog, Max, passed away in late October. He was 11, almost 12. He was a very good dog. We got him when Emma was a baby, and he was just a month older than her.

He had his crazy puppy moments, eating multiple pairs of shoes, eating siding and drywall, the redwood deck,and ceramic planters, the tubing on our air conditioning unit and attempting the 220 line. He puked up playdoh and ice cream in the house, peed on a fake Christmas tree and Sarah's infant seat. 

He loved to run, and jump and play in the Colorado snow. He was teased mercilessly by the backyard squirrels and was very sheepish the one time he caught one.

He was obedient to a level that surprised many. He used to stand outside the open back door, not coming in unless he was invited.  Kinda like a vampire, but one who only wants to sniff you and love you. 

Max was a horrible walker.  He'd pull you the entire time, to the point that your arm would ache afterwards.  He loved his backyard realm though. He patrolled faithfully until the weeks before he died.

Max loved to dig. He used to wear down his nails digging holes under bushes. 

Max was a great listener. He could often be found listening to all the kids troubles, patiently, sympathetically. He was always gentle with the kids, even if he didn't obey their high pitched yells to go, sit, stay!!

Max loved to eat.  He loved apples, carrots, meats, eggs, corn on the cob.  Pretty much everything except greens. He used to wait around while Howard was grilling, waiting for something to fall. In fact, while our house was being worked on, he snatched one of the workers lunches one day! He was never food aggressive though. 

Max was a very gentle, loving dog.  He was never a barker. He just loved his family, loved doing his job to protect us, and loved life.

Stem fair

This year, Emma participated in a STEM  math class. They learned about tesselations, structures and design. Each student designed and built their own bridges out of toothpicks and glue.
After all the bridges were finished, they attended the STEM fair, which replaced the science fair. The kids displayed their bridges and their plans. There were also additional displays by kids as young as Kindergarten. 
The bridges were tested to the breaking point, and compared according to how much the bridge weighed vs. How much weight it could hold.
I think Emma enjoyed the class. She also got to be with other kids who will be going to Outdoor Ed camp with her next month. Some of them she already knew from last year, and swim team. 
The future engineers, with their brave and patient teacher.